Reading the data

It’s all great to have all this fantastic data about your potential location for property investment.

But data is sometimes difficult to read. This guide will help you to understand more about the KPI’s we use on Over The Place. We hope you find it useful.

If you require further insights and analysis, please request the full documentation.

Number of bedrooms

The number of bedrooms indicates the size potential for hosting. Some offerings will only provide a shared room. This is mainly a sofa bed in someone’s living room. It’s individuals renting out parts of their own homes.

Number of reviews

As an airbnb guest you are free to leave a comment about a place after your stay. Successful airbnb hosts encourage their guests to leave a comment. This is good business practice and shows that the host generally cares about their business and is open to feedback and therefore constantly watching and improving the experience. In this section we don’t make a difference between good and bad reviews. We consider a high number of reviews a positive sign in general.

Agency penetration

Some markets have already developed some professional tools to adopt to airbnb disruption. If we see a high number of appartments being offered by the same host on airbnb, we assume an agency is involved. Agencies can manage several properties for the property owners.

Type of housing

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Hot Spots

Our heat maps show you the hot spot locations for airbnb lettings. The data is based on the number of offerings per area. Red areas offer a lot of rentals compared to the rest of the city. Hot Spots don’t tell you anything about the rental rate or rental pricing. But they are a first indication of where the short term rental market happens. The data is cleaned up from listings which are always online but never actually filled.